Live Telemetry (MCT)  Up to 30 days

Live Telemetry is extremely easy to perform and is one of the most valued diagnostic tools available to manage and diagnose cardiac abnormalities.  Live Telemetry uses cell phone technology to send cardiac data.  Technicians identify and provide emergent reports if necessary along with detailed summary report, no uploading or downloading.  Simply get the results without interaction.  Reviewing reports takes little time and allows your staff to care for more of your patient load.  How easy is it?  It’s as easy as 1-2-3, you hook the patient up, they call when they get home, we do the rest!

  • Cardiac Telemetry Monitors – Secure Cardio provides as many kits to meet your need.  Includes our new 3G+ Cardiac Telemetry  Monitor, instructions, patient diary, electrodes, and alcohol pads.
  • Patients monitored with Mobile Cardiac Telemetry have a higher diagnostic success rate of 61% compared with other cardiac monitoring (Tsang and Mohan 2013).
  • We Remotely Pull 10 Times More Data – According to the leading cell data providers in the industry, our 24 hour cardiac technicians remotely request ten times more data from our monitors than our competitors.  Unlike other monitors, our technicians can remotely control the monitor’s settings to adjust for the physician’s diagnosis and goal in monitoring.
  • Summary Reports – Unlike other companies generating overseas automatic reports, our comprehensive summary reports are custom written by our lead technicians for each patient and urgent requests are processed immediately.
  • Service and Patient Compliance – The thing that most differentiates us from everyone else is Patient Compliance.  Every patient is assigned their own team of technicians to allow for better lines of communication.  From the moment of first contact, we are here for our patients every step of the way. Available for questions 24 hours, 7 days a week year round, we pride ourselves on educating your patients about their procedure and encourage them to participate.  Sharing the importance and providing instruction to every patient ensures maximum results for you.


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