What is “Live” Telemetry Monitoring?

“Live” Telemetry is a way of monitoring a patient’s heart rhythm over the cellphone network for to 30 days. The patient wears a small cardiac monitor around the waist that has only 3-4 electrodes attached to various areas of the chest.
Why is Telemetry Monitoring used?
Telemetry Monitoring enables the doctor evaluate irregular heart rhythms and identify patients that are potentially at high risk. This test is done while the patient is continuing with their normal daily activity using cellular technology automatically sending data for evaluation. Daily strips and emergent results are sent to the physician.

How does Secure Cardio disburse equipment?

Equipment is disbursed when a physician or office requests to use services.  Recorders may be kept in the doctor’s office so that it is readily available or it can also be delivered overnight to the patient.

How long does it take to receive results?

Results are delivered daily and as requested by the physician or in the case on an emergent event, immediately.  At the end of the monitoring period a summary report is generated.

How do I get replacement supplies?

We will keep you properly stocked with supplies.   You can also request additional supplies by contacting Secure Cardio via phone at (855) 500-6570.

How do I know the equipment is working?

After attaching 3-4 electrodes, insert the battery.  As soon as the battery has been inserted, and the monitor says recording, the patient is being monitored live by our technicians.*

What precautions should be taken when being monitored?

Please detached the wires and place in a separate room than patient bathes or showers in.  Keep monitor in case and be careful not to lose the recorder or drop it.

How do I provide my staff with detailed instructions on hooking up patients?

We provide the instruction.  You can find the hook-up instructions on each individual hookup-kit that also includes the electrodes and batteries.

How does Secure Cardio provide the cardiac devices and supplies without cost?

Secure Cardio, LLC accepts assignment* with all insurance companies.