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Live Telemetry is extremely easy to perform and is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools available to manage cardiac abnormalities.  Live telemetry uses cell phone technology to send cardiac data.  Our technicians will identify and provide emergent reports when applicable, along with detailed summary report, no uploading, downloading, or waiting for results.  Simply receive the results without interaction.  How easy is it?  Simply attach just 3-4 electrodes, send the patient home for up to 30 days, and we do the rest!

  • Patients monitored with Mobile Cardiac Telemetry have a diagnostic rate of 61% compared with only 23% for Event Monitoring and 24% for Holter (Tsang and Mohan 2013).
  • Lower Re-admittance – By using Secure Cardio, LLC, your department can achieve better results for your patient and lower re-admittance rates.  Study from Pennsylvania hospital system, Geisinger Health Plan, showed that by using a remote monitoring device, hospitals can reduce readmission by 38 to 44 percent.
  • Save on Costs – Using a 3G+ Telemetry monitor from Secure Cardio can save hospitals upwards of $140,000 and over $110,000. (Tsang and Mohan 2013).  Secure Cardio will also save you time. By allowing us to monitor your patients and summarize results for you, your staff time is freed up to care for your other patients.
  • Service and Patient Complianc The thing that most differentiates us from everyone else is Patient Compliance. Every patient is assigned their own team of technicians to allow for better lines of communication.  From the moment of first contact, we are here for our patients every step of the way. Available for questions 24 hours a day, we pride ourselves on educating patients about the procedure and encourage them to wear it.  Sharing the importance of the procedure and instructions to every patient ensures maximum results for you.