Live* Cardiac Telemetry

Cardiac Telemetry is recommended for patients with symptoms diagnosis that may not be detected with other types of ECG monitoring.  Mobile Cardiac Telemetry transmits wireless to our servers and is monitored by our technicians 24/7.  We can remotely change the settings upon request and our certified technicians summarize and deliver a customized report .  Live Cardiac Telemetry  is extremely easy to perform and is one of the most valuable tools available to manage and diagnose cardiac abnormalities.  While other mobile cardiac monitors only capture approximately 23% of offending arrhythmia, our 3G+ telemetry monitor captures 61%. (Tsang and Mohan study 2013).

At Secure Cardio, LLC you and your patients are of the utmost importance to us.  The element that most differentiates us from everyone else is Patient Compliance.  Every patient is assigned their own team of technicians to allow for better lines of communication.  From the moment of first contact, we are here for our patients every step of the way.  We provide comfort, support, and are available for questions 24 hours a day.  Sharing the importance of the procedure and instruction to every patient ensures maximum results for you.  Secure Cardio accepts all insurance.  We hope you will join our team!